Avenue on 3 Café

Avenue on 3 Café

Avenue on 3 Café - A quaint culinary gem at Paragon Singapore

Nestled within the sophisticated ambience of Paragon Singapore, Avenue of 3 Cafe emerges as a delightful culinary oasis, offering an eclectic mix of international cuisines in a cozy setting. Tucked away in the upscale, Avenue on 3 boutique, this café exudes charm and warmth, inviting patrons to indulge in a memorable dining experience. 

Upon entering, guests are greeted with an inviting atmosphere, that effortless combines modern elegance and with a touch of vintage allure. The café's ambiance emanate a unique charm, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon tea or a casual dining rendezvous.

Scones and tea set

Among it's array of offerings, the tea and scones set, reasonably priced at $23, stands out as a quintessential delight, showcasing the perfect marriage of tradition, quality and flavour. At the heart of the indulgent experience, are the traditional scones. These delicate, golden - brown beauties, boast a delicate crumb and a subtle sweetness that perfectly balances their buttery richness.

 English Clotted cream, Bodier French Butter, Strawberry preserves

Accompanying the scones are the delightful accoutrements that elevate the experience. Paired with English Devon clotted cream, every bite is a revelation of good, creamy goodness that melts in your mouth. The Bordier French butter, renowned for it's exceptional quality and unparalleled flavour, adds a luxurious touch to each bite, while the homemade strawberry preserves, impart a burst of fruity sweetness, that tantalises the tastebuds. Each set comes with your preferred choice of house brand tea.

Chocolate fondant

In addition to it's stellar tea and scones set, Avenue on 3 Café also boasts a diverse menu, that showcases a culinary delight. One standout dish is the Chocolate Fondant, priced at a modest $14.This decadent dessert delights the tastebuds with it's rich chocolatey goodness, perfectly complemented by the addition of caramelised kumquats. The harmonious blend of flavours and textures creates a memorable and lasting impression.

In conclusion, while our experience with the tea spread was truly delightful, it was only the beginning of what promises to be a memorable culinary journey at Avenue on 3 Café. We eagerly anticipate our return, eager to savour more of the café's delectable offerings.


  • Avenue on 3 Cafe, Paragon Shopping Center
  • 290, Orchard Road,  #03 - 48
  • The Paragon, Singapore (238859)




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